Project Development/Mech. Design

Ermer GmbH has a proven track record in developing and applying creative and innovative technological solutions. Our goal is to boost our customers' productivity through a combination of ground-breaking innovations and conventional technologies. By integrating pneumatic, mechanical and electronic technologies, we deliver the latest high-tech assembly and testing solutions for specialized mechanical engineering applications.

We design and develop specialized machinery and installations for the most diverse sectors of industry such as automotive suppliers and companies specializing in plastic and ceramic processing.

A variety of conveyor and shaping installations as well as robots and portal axis systems are used for this purpose. Our machines cover a wide range of processing and machining technologies.

Below is a small selection of the machines we have supplied to date:

  • Conveyor systems equipped with belts, v-belts, rollers and chain belts as continuous or intermittent conveyors.
  • Hydraulic carriages and transfer devices (pneumatic or electric).
  • Picking units.
  • Pneumatic or mechanical gripper systems.
  • Needle and special grippers.
  • Clamping systems for picking up components and blankholders for use in automatic joining and assembly.
  • Controlled multiple drill spindle machines.
  • Caulking and press-fitting machines.
  • Fully automated riveting and crimping machines with feed lines.
  • Automatic screwdrivers with torque and depth shut-off, as well as coordinate positioning.
  • Various one-off testing machines or combinations for testing torque, clamping forces, paths and leaks.

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